VMock – Gold Sponsor

VMock, Inc. is an innovative startup that provides a SMART career preparation and guidance platform targeted at students and professionals. Our founders, Kiran and Salil Pande, are passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their career potential and to this end built a technology platform that combines the power of cutting-edge data science, machine learning and natural language processing.

The VMock resume platform is customized by combining insights obtained from the university, global best practices, recruiter perspectives and sophisticated analytics to provide personalized resume feedback and recommendations. Our recently launched undergraduate platform is designed to assist students with less experience by helping them build content at a section level within their resume.

VMock is fast becoming the industry leader in the SMART coaching space with additional applications, such as Career Fit, helps students learn their fit towards a target career and Aspire, enables students to bridge the gap between their CVs and LinkedIn profiles to present a more consistent story for recruiters.

In use across over 100 leading educational institutions, the platform has resulted in Universities seeing transformational improvement in the quality of resumes before students meet coaches for one-on-one sessions and prior to recruiter submissions.

Here is a link of a video that provides an overview of our SMART Resume platform.