In the spirit of the Global Careers Summit, of sharing ideas and best practice, we are asking every delegate to provide a poster which showcases your work to a global audience. In so doing, this will provide an opportunity to learn from one another while also connecting people with similar ideas and issues.

So, this is a chance to show off your great work and contribute to the success of the Global  Careers Summit – with five posters recognised for excellence. As well as prizes awarded at our event dinner on Wednesday 14 March, our award winners will be given a special forum to present your work to all delegates on Thursday 15 March, at the Summit.

Posters must be submitted via an online system, further instructions will be sent out.

Award categories

There are five award categories, with the fifth award based on overall ratings from all delegates:

1. Organisation & Style

Your poster is eye-catching and displays elements of creativity and style. Titles are very easy to read from a distance. Text is not dense; the information you present is easy to digest. Information is presented in a logical, interesting sequence which engages the audience.

2. Impact

Your poster provides detailed evidence of impact achieved from a program or activity on stakeholders, preferably over a long period of several terms or years. The impact you choose could be with students, graduates, employers or any other stakeholder group. Please include evidence of impact.

3. Innovation

Your poster demonstrates an innovative programme or service which has addressed an existing or unmet need in a new way. Please include evidence of impact.

4. Global Application

Your poster provides an activity, model or approach which could be adopted and applied by a wide array of organisations, at home or overseas. Please include evidence of impact.

5. Overall Excellence

As part of the voting process, we will ask delegates and our judging panel to judge the best overall poster. This may or may not be a winner of one of the other categories. To win this award, your poster should be easy to read and digest, while providing demonstrable information of the impact of your work. 

How to enter

Please read the guidelines below to assist you as you create your poster.     

  • One award will be made in each of the award categories.
  • Posters will be printed and displayed at the Summit. All posters will also be available in electronic format to all delegates via the Global Careers Summit website.
  • Posters need to “speak for themselves” as, apart from the best five posters, there is not a time to set aside for delegates to verbally present them.
  • Delegates will be invited to vote ahead of the Summit, with a judging panel meeting to make a final decision on award winners.

Design guidelines

 Suggested Content. The following are guidelines, feel free to use them as much or as little as you want.

  • Main title and section titles
  • Include a needs statement: what was the issue you addressed?
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Outcomes and impact
  • Evaluation, if available
  • References if appropriate
  • Supporting photo(s) if available

Format Guidelines:

  • Printed Size: A1 (594mm x 841mm)
  • Posters must be portrait
  • Borders may be used but the overall size of your poster must be no larger than the above specified
  • Use contrasting colors for ease of reading
  • There are no specifications for text/font size. Titles should be of sufficient size for easy reading at a distance
  • Make sure text is easy to read, not too dense
  • Your poster can follow an academic research format OR you may use any format you think conveys your content the best. Feel free to be creative. For advice, see this page:

Submission guidelines

The deadline for poster submissions will be Wednesday 21st February.