The inaugural Global Career Services Summit emerged from a conversation at the 2015 NACE conference when we were considering crafting a proposal featuring a global career services workshop at a future NACE conference. How we made the leap from a workshop to a major conference still remains a mystery to us.

Although after a few months of planning the event, we wondered whether our concept was beyond our capabilities!
Fortunately, the first Summit at the University of Leicester was extremely successful and as result of the encouragement of the participants, we planned for the second Summit at the University of Limerick, Ireland under the leadership of Tim Luzader, Purdue University and Gavin Connell, University of Limerick.

The concept of bringing together career colleagues from all parts of the globe truly resonated with a broad range of career professionals and we have been extremely gratified with creating a venue to build a network of career services colleagues.

Now we are entering the third year of this unique global event with plans already in motion for the fourth annual Global Career Services Summit.

Tom Devlin

Bob Athwal